The plants of Green is…

Green plants have many positive effects! An air purifying effect, e.g.. Ideal for living-rooms, bedrooms and classrooms. The atmosphere in these rooms may sometimes be quite dusty. And did you know that people at the office are much more productive with green plants at their workplace? Scientific studies have shown that people feel much better and more relaxed in a green environment. Furthermore, plants are quite easy to nurse and, set in a beautiful pot, look absolutely wonderful in every room. Discover the positive effects of green plants: find out Green is…:





Greenkeeper Martin



Nice to know that you show interest in the plants of Green is…! My name is Martin and I am co-owner of nursery Vireõ. Every day, me and my colleagues nurse our plants with a lot of passion. From young sprouts to fully grown plants: during the entire process we nurse our plants with great care. Only our best plants receive the label Green is… To us that is the only way to always give you beautiful plants of the finest quality for your home. Good for your health, easy to nurse and really wonderful in every room. A green plant is essential in any home.


Did you know that Martin has made a film about the entire production process of the Hedera? Have a look at our greenhouse. Watch the video!