Green plants: surprisingly versatile!

Did you know that green plants are very good for your health? They have an air purifying effect. They also make you feel relaxed. Furthermore, they do not need much nursing and they look beautiful in every interior design. Do you already have green plants at your home?


Green is…

Allow yourself to be surprised by the positive effects of green plants! Greenkeeper Martin is the proud owner of nursery Vireõ. Only the best plants receive the label Green is… Read further



We have some very beautiful green plants in our assortment. Small, big and from completely green to a variety of colours. And always nursed with much love and care. Curious? Read further



Nursing green plants is quite easy. With a minimum of effort you will be able to enjoy your plant for a very long time. Do you have a plant with the Green is… label? Then, please, have a look at these items of nursing! Read further

Green is…

  • Good for your health (air purifying effect)
  • Proven effect on diminishing stress
  • Easy to nurse
  • Essential in your home

Responses about Green is… 

I’ve got a beautiful Codiaeum. The colours of the leaves are really amazing.
Richard J.
It’s really nice to come home in a green and cosy house after a busy day at the office. I feel more relaxed.
Jessica W.