Green is... Easy Care

Sanseviera Laurentii 21cm

The Sansevieria has a very special characteristic: The plant can store nutrients and water and still take care of itself over a fairly long period of time. This makes the Sansevieria a rewarding and easy houseplant for everyone.

The Sansevieria is probably one of the easiest plants among the houseplants. The characteristic, broad yellow-green leaves shine beautifully and can even store moisture. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid if you forget to water the plant once.

This plant is easily satisfied: Give it a place in the semi-shade or shade, or a lighter place, but preferably not in direct sunlight. Water the plant regularly, as soon as the potting soil has dried out. If you forget to water it once, it is certainly not a problem. Furthermore, the Sansevieria grows quite slowly. We recommend moving the plant to a larger pot after two years.
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