Green is... Fresh Air

Hedera Wonder 24cm

Simple and reliable – this describes the ivy well! This plant is suitable for anyone who loves greenery but cannot devote continuous attention to its care. The ivy does not require much attention at all – just a sip of water now and then and a nice spot inside or outside, and the plant will grow happily.

An air-purifying, easy green friend! The ivy ensures better air quality in the room. The plant absorbs harmful substances from the air and converts them into oxygen. Furthermore, the ivy is very easy to take care of: water once a week, once forgotten is not a disaster. The plant does not need any nutrition. If you wish, you can add nutrition once a month between April and September to keep the plant strong and healthy.

The ivy is easily satisfied: Give it a place in the semi-shade or shade, or a lighter place, but preferably not in direct sunlight. It likes it when the potting soil is constantly slightly moist. By the way, you can put an ivy inside or outside during summer. The plant - as the name suggests - often grows on something. If the plant is not given anything to grow on, for example a scaffold or a grid, it will often look for something. Of course, the plant can also hang. Good to know: The ivy is poisonous - be careful with children and pets.
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